Our Supply Chain

Partnerships for quality


At Cole Supplies, we are committed to delivering high-quality medical devices through our reputable supply chain. We proudly collaborate with industry leaders, including DoChek Biotechnology Co., the creator of the V-Chek™ COVID-19 Saliva Test. Our partnerships extend to PRIMA Lab SA, renowned for its Swiss-made label, and Sentinel Diagnostics, an esteemed Italian IVD developer and manufacturer.

In a pivotal development in 2023, PRIMA Lab SA and Sentinel Diagnostics merged, amplifying their capacity to offer a wider and more innovative range of medical products. The strategic collaboration ensures our devices, continuing to be manufactured in Switzerland, maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Sourcing most of our medical devices from Switzerland is a testament to our commitment to adhering to the most stringent regulatory standards, guaranteeing precision, reliability, and safety in our products. Switzerland, globally recognised for its rigorous quality standards, cutting-edge technological infrastructure, and long-standing tradition of producing high-precision instruments, serves as the manufacturing hub for most of our esteemed products.

The Swiss-made label not only signifies our dedication to quality but also embodies a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship. This distinction instills confidence in healthcare professionals and patients, reaffirming our pledge to deliver excellence through every facet of our supply chain.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. Every medical device that passes through our supply chain undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks. We are dedicated to supplying healthcare professionals and consumers with reliable rapid tests, ensuring optimal health outcomes for all.

Our Distribution Expertise

As a trusted distributor, we leverage over a decade of experience in the supply industry. We understand the critical importance of seamless logistics and reliable distribution channels in healthcare. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the supply chain, ensuring that medical devices reach our customers promptly and in optimal condition. This was evidenced by our successful distribution of 60 million V-Chek™ Rapid Antigen Tests throughout Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indigenous Business Excellence

We are proud to be an Indigenous-owned and operated business, contributing to the diversity and strength of the healthcare supply chain. Our roots in the community empower us to bring a unique perspective to the distribution of medical devices. We are committed to fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities within the healthcare industry.

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